Access the unbridled joy, the ancient wisdom and the powerful healing inside you with the Lumen Edition serving as a supportive guide. People who use this deck describe it as being bright and deep, firm but loving. It will be a friend when you feel sensitive, and a champion of your potential when you are charging forward.

Each card contains thoughtful, multi-layered messages that allow you to view many facets of the same concept. 32 elemental cards contain an overall message, as well as a message associated with an herb, crystal and animal ally. 23 throne cards are larger concepts and archetypes - while these won't have the same structure as the elementals, they will also be dynamic in the content. In addition to that, included you will find practical advice, exercises and journaling prompts.

55 cards
4.75” x 3.25”
400 GSM Cardstock
Gold Foil art on both sides, layered with digital collages on holographic background
Anti-Scratch Matte Lamination
Matte Gold Edging

Threads of Fate Oracle - Lumen Edition

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