Kohli Tea Emporium is a new business offering premium quality teas. After 6 years working in the tea industry, the brand was founded with the primary idea of providing a range of high quality teas across a wider tea category, with a focus on providing blended teas, which are all flavoured naturally. With an ever-growing consumer focus on buying organic, natural, sugar free products (just to name a few!), why should tea be any different? Why must consumers be satisfied with a cheap tea bag slapped in a cup, with no after thought to quality, production, ingredients, and most of all: taste? Why is coffee afforded a high standard and dedication to quality, yet tea isn’t?


Not so at Kohli Tea Emporium. We want to encourage new tea drinkers into the fold, by offering traditional yet high quality teas to those who are too scared to break away from their cheap supermarket brands. But with the selection of premium teas and exclusive ranges, we are also providing a great choice for the more experienced tea connoisseur in all of us.


Kohli Tea Emporium wants the care and dedication that is given to other foods and beverages to be brought back to tea; for people to step back and take a little bit of time out to make something of quality that is healthy and beneficial to them, and to really savor it. Enjoyment can be found not only in taste of great tea, but in the process or ritual of making the tea.


At Kohli Tea Emporium, we value the production and enjoyment of teas that are healthy and natural without the need for added synthetics. Many of the teas are sourced ethically, and where possible, we use organic and Australian grown ingredients. And best of all, Kohli Tea Emporium is 100% Australian owned and operated.


So, have a cup today and indulge in the taste of real tea.