At Kohli Tea emporium, we believe in the ritual of tea.

For us, that ritual involves using our favourite tea cups, putting the kettle on, warming the tea pot, sitting down with a good book, or maybe sitting on the back deck to view the back yard. But most of all, selecting one of our favourite brews to enjoy.

Both tea and herbs have healing properties that correspond to different parts of the body. These natural healing energies and constituents of tea and herbs can have the ability to soothe or help heal the body, settle your mind or even uplift your mood. We believe that the use of high quality tea should be a fundamental step in any self-care ritual which can be easily achieved by everyone.

For this, we offer a range of high quality teas including black, green and white teas, rooibos, herbal and fruit infusions. All of our teas are blended naturally using fruits, flowers, oils and spices with no artificial colours or flavours. We value the production and enjoyment of teas that are healthy and natural without the need for added synthetics. Many of our teas and herbs are sources ethically, and, where possible, we use organic or Australian grown ingredients.

At Kohli Tea Emporium, this interest in the ritual of tea and self-care goes a step further, by offering other items such as crystals, oracle decks and books on the art of tea leaf reading, just to name a few. We believe in creating a sense of overall wellbeing and balance, which can be achieved by combining the use of these tools with a cup of good quality tea. In the rush of the modern world, we feel it is so important to take some time for ourselves every day and this can be easily achieved by giving ourselves time to make a cup of tea, pause, and savour every last sip. By allowing these few precious moments when drinking tea, it allows both the body and mind a chance to stop, reset and begin again with a refreshed energy.

So, pop the kettle on and enjoy in the ritual and magic of tea with Kohli Tea Emporium.