At Kohli Tea Emporium, we understand that tea is all about the ritual. Many people take the time to enjoy a beautifully brewed cup of tea in their own way. But for many others this ritual of time, care and effort has been lost to a fast paced society. Here are just some of the small traditions we enjoy doing when brewing tea, often passed down from our nanna's before us:


- When brewing a pot of black tea, use one teaspoon of tea per person, and one for the pot.

- Before pouring, turn the pot three times clockwise.

- When pouring multiple cups, never fill one whole cup at a time, but repeatedly pour a little bit into each cup. This will ensure an even strength of tea for all cups.

- There is always a long debate over this, but at Kohli Tea Emporium we believe in MILK FIRST! Always pour your milk in the cup first, followed by your tea. It will result in a creamier taste on your palate. When you are familiar with the type of tea you are brewing, and the length in which it is brewed, you will become more comfortable in knowing the amount of milk required for your perfect cup.

- When drinking black teas, a little bit of cake, biscuit or a scone never goes astray! But if you are wanting to cut back on your sugar intake, why not take a look at our flavoured tea selection? It's the perfect thing for those wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth, minus the calories.

- And finally, my favourite one passed down from my Nanna: when pouring the tea into your cup, you will often get the little bubbles on the surface. This is the 'money'. With your teaspoon, try to catch the 'money' whilst they are floating around the middle of the cup before they reach the sides. If you can catch them with your spoon, drink them up. That is called 'catching the money'. Sometimes you get big monies, sometimes not. But either way, we all have fun in partaking in this little tradition.