Let the healing energies flow into your tea ritual and enjoy a cup of tea with the use of your crystal tea infuser. Choose from the following stones and properties: 


  • stimulates, clears and activates the heart chakra;
  • promotes love and forgiveness;
  • grounding energy, balances yin-yang;
  • assists in achieving ones highest potential

Rose quartz:

  • promote love and self love,
  • restores trust and harmony in relationships, 
  • brings balance to the heart and circulatory system.


  • balances emotions, brings a calm and gentle energy;
  • helpful for past-life healing;
  • promotes creating from a place of love

Red Aventurine:

  • useful to attract money and abundance to your life;
  • helps to focus energy and revitalise your body;
  • promotes creativity, vitality, wealth, and protection;
  • boosts energy levels and enthusiasm

(Each mesh ball infuser comes with a small crystal description card corresponding to the selected crystal infuser)

Mesh Ball Infuser with Crystal (Carved)

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