Let the healing energies flow into your tea ritual and enjoy a cup of tea with the use of your crystal tea infuser. These crystals are A grade quality rarer stones, with sterling silver attachments. Choose from the following stones and properties: 


  • highly spiritual stone that sharpens intuition and increases clairvoyance;
  • gentle nurturing vibrations to calm and soothe;
  • stone of pure communication;
  • assists in solving disputes and arguments


  • has strong physical and emotional healing properties;
  • a stone of insight and transformation;
  • assists in connecting with spirit guides and deities


  • a stone of empowerment, communication and hope;
  • helps to ease fear, anxiety and guilt; 
  • promotes a clear head and calm mind

Lapis Lazuli:

  • a stone of protection, removing negative energies;
  • attracts good luck and fortune;
  • promotes inner visions and useful in manifesting.


  • radiates love, compassion, joy and serenity;
  • helps break harmful thought habits;
  • removes feelings of shame and guilt

(Each mesh ball infuser comes with a small crystal description card corresponding to the selected crystal infuser)

Mesh Ball Infuser with Crystal (Tumbled)

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