*Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards – Silver Medal Winner 2023, Gold Medal Winner 2022, Bronze Medal Winner 2021*

Blended with key ingredients to detox the liver and body, it also promotes healthy skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Detox has a lovely floral and earthy taste, and for those who like something sweeter, it's delicious with a dash of honey. This delightful blend has won medals 3 years in a row!

  • Juniper berry: detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, promotes good heart health, high in vitamin C.
  • Liquorice root: soothes sore throats, can treat respiratory problems, supports weight loss, antibacterial properties, anti inflammatory properties.
  • Dandelion root: supports the liver, stimulates digestion, promotes clear skin, assists in weight management.
  • Fennel seed: improves digestion, can ease heartburn, boosts immunity, eliminates toxins, anti-inflammatory, promotes fresh breath.
  • Witch hazel: soothes sore throats, anti inflammatory properties.
  • Nettle: reduces pain and inflammation, aids in removal of toxins, improves kidney health.
  • Rose petals: uplifting, high in antioxidants, antibacterial properties.
  • Snow chrysanthemum: contains 18 types of amino acids, can prevent high blood pressure, can help prevent high blood sugar.
  • Calendula: promotes healthy skin by stimulating tissue and collagen production, eases muscles.

Ingredients: organic juniper berry, organic liquorice root, organic dandelion root, organic fennel seed, organic witch hazel, organic nettle, organic rose petals, snow chrysanthemum, calendula.

NOTE: Herbs can interact differently to some individuals and medications. Please consult your health practitioner if you are unsure.


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