Your essential guide to using the healing energy of the moon for a happier, more fulfilling life.

From the author of The Crystal Code comes Luna. This book introduces the key rituals to practice during the moon's cycles, including:

  • The New Moon Ritual to inspire new beginnings and positive change for a happier life
  • The Waxing Moon Ritual to help you take action and move towards your personal goals
  • The Full Moon Ritual to promote abundance and success to help you thrive in life
  • The Waning Moon Ritual to release you from self-limiting beliefs that are holding you down

Luna is the perfect companion for modern, lunar-curious women who are keen to learn the art of self-care. Explore the natural rhythms of your body, discover inner balance and calm, and allow yourself to tune in to what your body and mind really needs.

Look to the sky, start living by the moon and get ready to create your own magic.

Luna – Harness the Power of the Moon to Live Your Best Life

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