*Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards – Silver Medal Winner 2022 & 2023*

Peach and apricot infused black tea. 99% caffeine free, it is a delightful brew to enjoy morning, afternoon and night.

  • Black tea: decaffeinated using CO2 method, naturally.
  • Apricots: high in antioxidants, promotes healthy skin and eyes.
  • Sea buckthorn berry: high in vitamin C, boosts immune system, increases cardiovascular health.
  • Calendula: promotes healthy skin by stimulating tissue and collagen production, eases muscles.
  • Cornflower: promotes digestion, detoxifies the liver, helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Ingredients: decaffeinated black tea, diced apricots, sea buckthorn berry, natural flavours, calendula, pink cornflower, red cornflower.

Allergen Advice: contains sulphites

Please note: bulk quantities (250g and 500g) will be supplied in the traditional twist tie bags.

Miami Sunset Decaf

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