*Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards – Gold Medal Winner 2022 & 2023*

Ginkgo, ginseng and lemon myrtle are combined for a citrusy pick-me-up! Rejuvenate is perfect for a caffeine free energy boost, to aid with memory and focus, and to get the circulation and creative juices flowing. This blend is filled with zesty herbs that pack a punch! 

  • Ginkgo leaf: increases circulation, high in antioxidants, improves brain function, increases libido, improves memory, focus and attention span.
  • Siberian ginseng: revitalizing, enhances immunity, eases stress, boosts energy levels, promotes good cardiovascular health, increases libido.
  • Lemon myrtle: high in antioxidants, aids concentration, eases fatigue, uplifting, strengthens immune system.
  • Mango: contains vitamins A and C, good for skin and hair health, supports eye health.
  • Papaya: high in antioxidants, may improve heart health, contains vitamins C and A for good skin and hair health.
  • Orange peel: lowers blood pressure, aids digestion, can ease headaches and migraines, high in vitamin C.
  • Carrot: promotes clear youthful skin, improves eye health, improves heart health, boosts mental and physical health.
  • Korean hydrangea leaf: natural sweetener, stabilises blood sugar levels, soothes sore a throat.
  • Safflower: high in antioxidants; helps lower cholesterol; can help control blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: organic ginkgo leaf, organic Siberian ginseng, organic lemon myrtle, diced mango, diced papaya, organic orange peel, carrot bits, Korean hydrangea leaf, safflower. 

 Allergen Advice: contains sulphites

NOTE: Herbs can interact differently to some individuals and medications. Please consult your health practitioner if you are unsure.


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