In this beautifully illustrated gift book featuring insightful profiles of 36 familiar plants and herbs, herbalist Maia Toll shows how to tap into each plant's character and symbolic meaning for spiritual guidance and self-reflection.

In addition to medicinal remedies, plants can provide a kind of spiritual healing. By learning the language and wisdom of plants, we can interact with the natural world in a way that is intuitive and meaningful and offers a chance to re-envision life from a fresh perspective.

For the 36 plants in The Illustrated Herbiary, Maia Toll describes their character, shares their wisdom, offers prompts for reflection, and suggests ways to interact with and appreciate the plant. Toll's text is accompanied by the bold, intricate illustrations of Kate O’Hara - making this the perfect gift book for any lover of the natural world. To help guide readers' reflections, a set of 36 cards reproducing the illustrations are included in an envelope in the back of the book.

Book features :

  • Symbolism of plants is a timeless topic with broad appeal. From the doctrine of signatures to the language of flowers and oracle cards, plant and herb enthusiasts through the ages have been fascinated by the symbolic messages plants encapsulate. Maia Toll offers a contemporary approach with life lessons and insights garnered from 36 favourite, character-rich herbs, fruit, and flowers.
  • Reflections and meditations for herb and plant lovers, drawing inspiration from tarot. Drawing from journaling and meditation prompts she's developed for her own herbal medicine classes, as well as tarot and New Age spirituality, Toll offers a distinctive, accessible approach to self-reflection and meditation.
  • Rich, tarot-like illustrations, along with 36 illustrated cards, make a fabulous gift package. Kate O'Hara's intricate illustrations invite meditation and study of the symbolic qualities of each plant to help guide readers' reflections. A set of 36 cards with reproductions of the illustrations are included in a bound-in envelope in the back of the book.
  • Full-colour; illustrations throughout; includes 9 cardstock sheets in a bound-in envelope
The Illustrated Herbiary

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